English-spoken training

Season fun

It’s June and we are in the middle of the cycling season. We all aim to take a ride on our racing bikes as often as we can. If you love cycling, chances are you want to get better. Stronger, faster, more skilled …

The best way to get there is to train with other riders. However, If Dutch is not your preferred language of communication then you are mainly assigned to yourself to motivate yourself to train and have fun.

Here is the opportunity to overcome this obstacle: cycling club CTC Fietsen gives you the opportunity to participate in an English-spoken training of 2 evenings, on Tuesday 3 and 10 July.

We train cyclists who:

  • are motivated to improve themselves,
  • are experienced, and know that they can give a boost to their shape with a planned training,
  • realize that attention for body position and technology can make difference,
  • get energy from training in a group.

In the two trainings we focus on making you smarter, faster and stronger cyclists. With attention to road curves technique, climbing (standing, sitting, cadence, resistance), descending, efficient pedaling, the strength of the group. In addition, work is being done on your fitness and strength development. And important: we let you experience how great it feels to train together!

You love to cycle, during the training we give you that extra boost!

In summary
  • You sign up for a short series of 2 trainings on 3 and 10 July 2018
  • Costs for the series are € 20 (€ 15 for club members)
  • The series starts with at least 5 participants
  • Training starts at 7 pm and lasts an average of 2 to 2.5 hours
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